Terms Of Service

Big thanks for choosing AdsNew as your advertising service partner. We have the oath to give the best services and work professionally to all of the clients.

AdsNew is aware of the big number of the clients, so we have the responsibilities, which are to keep them satisfied and secure by giving the best advertising services. Some issues like misunderstandings and disputes possibly happen between us and the clients. Knowing the fact, we have made our terms of services, being a binding agreement between AdsNew (the advertising service provider) and our clients (the users). It also acts as a basic guide for the clients regarding the limitation, preventing any future disputes and problems.

These provisions were formed for the sake of mutual benefits. By way of example, and not as a limitation, clients agree to obey these terms of services (TOS):

ADVERTISEMENT: Clients can use all of the available services given by AdsNew for legal purposes only. On the other words, we don’t give services to those with bad intentions. These include contents that are not permitted or prohibited like abusive, pornographic, obscene, insulting, libelous content and others.

Clients agree to obey our terms of services and compensate in case of breaking the agreements. AdsNew does not have the responsibility to clients’ wrong doings and any claims made by other parties.

All of the contents that are related to pornography, drugs, money games, and gambling are highly prohibited by AdsNew. We also reject any sites that promote illegal activities or contents that have no copyright, which can cause future liabilities and problems.

These are some examples of prohibited links and ads:

• Porns or any sexual-related products/services
• Gambling
• Money game
• Drugs
• Pirated software
• Hacking software
• Pirated Mp3s
• Malware, phishing, or fraud
• Cheat software for games
• Contents that promote illegal activities
• Contents that violate moral values
• Spam

Any violations of our terms of services may cause the cancellation of advertising service, without any notice. Not to mention a refund is not possible to be done.

Premium Ads Cancellation: Any annulment of ads can be done by sending a notification or mail to xsem[email protected]. In this case, clients must attach detailed information regarding the time of transaction and ID. There is a fee for such cancellation, which is exactly 25%.

DISCLAIMER: AdsNew does not provide any warranty to any services given to the clients. That means we do not guarantee the success of transactions, which are done by them. Above all, we have the right to alter our policies in this page, without providing any notification to customers.

For further information and questions, please send an email to [email protected].